Algho: The empathetic Artificial Human
Transform your business with empathetic AI that understands your customers’ needs.
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AI technologies mentioned by Gartner
The AI recommended by Gartner 6 times.
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Algho: The empathetic Artificial Human

Algho, l’AI che ti dà i superpoteri
Tecnologie e funzionalità capaci di renderti un supereroe nel tuo lavoro
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Tecnologie IA menzionate da Gartner
Algho, l'intelligenza artificiale raccomandata da Gartner 6 volte
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Algho: il tocco umano dell’Intelligenza Artificiale
Digital Human multimodali, empatici, specializzati. Tutto ciò di cui hai bisogno in un’unica soluzione.
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L’IA generativa specializzata adatta al tuo settore
Large Language Models fine-tuned unite all’IA conversazionale per creare risposte controllate, sicure e specializzate
Aggiungi la GenAI alla tua azienda
L’IA promuove l’inclusività
Il 1° Digital Human che comunica in LIS rendendo i tuoi servizi accessibili a tutti.
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Our Virtual Assistants’ results:

+ 4.2M

conversations supported


guaranteed understanding of requests by contract

+ 1M

appointments booked

Gartner recognizes QuestIT as one of the top AI Avatar Vendors. We are mentioned 6 times in their documents, acknowledging the value and cutting-edge nature of our AI technologies


Privacy-by-design AI solutions that protect your data


The 1st Digital Human breaking barriers, capable of communicating in Italian Sign Language (LIS)


AI technologies that help overcome limitations; voice cloning restores the voice to those who have lost it


Digital Humans that promote sustainable behaviors and help reduce waste

In 2023, the Artificial Intelligence market in Italy grew by +52% and reached 760 million euros.

- Digital Innovation Observatory PoliMI | feb 2024 -

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Find out the results of Algho AI in different sectors

SEI Toscana

With over 280,000 bookings managed, AI has made the Public Utility Sei Toscana’s service more efficient and citizen-friendly.

Camera di commercio Reggio Emilia

The Chamber of Commerce of Reggio Emilia empowers itself with Emily, the Virtual Assistant who handled over 75,000 requests in just a few months.


Multilingual, integrated into the website, Trelleborg’s Virtual Assistant can resolve customer requests from various parts of the world in just 1 minute.


Gaia spa Multichannel, the Virtual Assistant supports users in communicating self-readings and managing their offers, even via WhatsApp, the preferred channel for users, with over 45% of total conversations.

No-Code platform to develop your personalized Digital Human

Easily establish your identity by creating an avatar that resembles the CEO of your business.

Algho Large Language Models

Take control and customize your customer interactions with our advanced fine-tuned Generative AI technology.

Transform your physical spaces with immersive experiences

Discover the power of our AI Totems and smart robots for a digital and innovative encounter even in real life

Let your voice echo once more

Unveil the power of AI, crafted to transform your life at no cost, forever.

Meet Digital
Dante Alighieri

Immerse yourself in the world of literature by talking to the Digital Human of Dante Alighieri.

An inclusive AI that empowers your services

Be inclusive by giving your clients the option to contact you using Sign Language.

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