Here comes ALGHO’s tech heart.

The ALGHO platform includes the most advanced AI technologies for building Virtual Assistants and Digital Human Interfaces that use natural language as interface. Through a simple conversation, they can improve the management of business processes and secure profitable relationships with users. Besides offering modular and customisable AI services, ALGHO is an AI as a Service platform itself.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning provides machines with the ability to learn from experience. It is the set of approaches through which an AI system learns to know the selected topics of interest. ALGHO is based on a proprietary Intent Recognition algorithm that allows your Virtual Assistant to train and incrementally updates its knowledge, based on previous mistakes plus a mutual exchange of information with real people.

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Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the ability of a machine to understand and process human language, allowing the Virtual Assistant to suitably handle a conversation.
ALGHO is based on a proprietary NLP platform. The semantic dictionary can be fully customised by defining taxonomies and occurrences. A proprietary NLP platform aligned with the leading platforms on the market, as reported in literature benchmarking.

Information Extraction

Information Extraction indicates the ability of a machine to extract structured information from unstructured or semi-structured documents. It is a field of AI that allows ALGHO to deduce, from users’ requests, all the information necessary to perform an action: from booking services to website browsing.

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Natural Language Generation

The Natural Language Generation (NLG) is an innovative technology that generates text from structured data. ALGHO’s proprietary NLG platform allows you to create intelligent replies based on information and relies on a set of response´s model that are updated dynamically, according to data values and other related features.
ALGHO becomes a Data Analyst that quickly retrieves information on trends, internal and external data of the company. ALGHO interprets and translates them into a digestible language for their understanding.