Let your Virtual Assistant talk

The era of conversational interfaces

Finding information is an easy task with ALGHO on your side

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Browser Automation

Forget mouse and keyboard. ALGHO will get into gear. It can add an item to cart, as well as searching for a contact in a database, ALGHO is on it. A true guide to your daily work.

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Automate Repetitive Tasks

Let your users find the information they are searching for on your website through a simple question. ALGHO browses your website or app guiding the user to the desired section.

Form Auto-Filling

Wouldn’t it be helpful to be capable of automating a reservation, scheduling a meeting or displaying all your data just with one request? ALGHO can extract from users’ requests all the information necessary to streamline and accelerate the form completion.

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Speech Synthesizer

ALGHO conveys to its speakers by using the Text-To-Speech technique (TTS), that is to say by answering to their request by voice. ALGHO is integrated with Google Speech API, Amazon Polly, Watson Text-To-Speech and Microsoft Speech Recognition API. Choose how to customise your Virtual Assistant’s voice.