Digital Humans: Enrich conversations with a human touch

Improve your AI engagement with digital humans that are not only more natural, but also imbued with empathy.

By 2035, the digital human economy will be worth an estimated $125 billion.

- Gartner -

Multiagent revolution

The virtual assistants specialized by industry

Dante Alighieri

Face to face with History

Meet Digital
Dante Alighieri

Immerse yourself in the world of literature by talking to the Digital Human of Dante Alighieri.

The first AI trained on the manuals of the Divine Comedy, which recreates the features and personality of the father of the Italian language. Ask him about curiosities and insights.

Enter the future of e-learning 

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The daily added value for your company with Algho is:


Empower Your Brand with Algho's AI

Custom Digital Twins

Craft unique digital representations of yourself or your spokesperson, complete with voice replication for a truly authentic experience

Comprehensive Communication

Our Artificial Humans understand and utilize every aspect of communication, ensuring contextually appropriate responses


Your Digital Human can interact with customers across all platforms, from web to WhatsApp, providing consistent and welcoming experiences everywhere

Seamless Integration

Easily integrate our solution with over 380 software tools to automate and enhance your workflows

Impact by the numbers

Our Digital Humans are transforming customer interactions, resulting in:

+90% customer satisfaction

+800 emails per hour handled on their own
+380 different software systems integration
+170k bookings managed independently in just two months

Win your customers' trust

The look, movements, facial expressions, and services provided by Artificial Humans create a memorable experience for your customers, winning their trust.

Chatting with an empathetic Digital Human in any language, and getting fast, relevant answers will fully meet your customers’ needs.

and much more…

How we create our Digital Humans?

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Where can you use an Artificial Human?

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More than 2K certificates downloaded per month by users with the help of AI.

Public Administration is more efficient with the 1st Digital Human supporting citizens.

+45% of total conversations occur on the WhatsApp channel

Multichannel, the Virtual Assistant helps users communicate their meter readings and manage their offers through WhatsApp as well.

+50% of users engaged and profiled correctly

Even within interactive kiosks, A2A’s Virtual Assistant schedules appointments and provides information quickly and easily.

+25% increased engagement with Algho AI through interactive kiosks

Omnichannel AI integrated with the company’s management systems enables a new and personalized customer experience.


Multiagent revolution