What are Artificial Humans

Virtual Assistants (or digital humans) operating 24/7 that totally go beyond the concept of Chatbot because they are able to take on humanoid form and establish a relationship with customers on an empathic basis. The companies that use our solutions are documenting greater user satisfaction (and consequently greater loyalty).
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What Artificial Humans do

Artificial Humans recognize the customer’s moods and respond accordingly, support the customer in identifying the right product without having a technical knowledge of the same, guide him in the navigation of complex e-commerce as if he were an employee who assists the customer in a store and much more!
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Algho is an open and flexible system that allows any type of integration with systems such as:

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Algho’s Virtual Assistants can be published on different channels, such as:

How a Virtual Assistant is born

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Where can you use an Artificial Human?

Banks and insurance

A system that allows a new management and reading of the current account, speeds up routine operations (account statement, calculation of expenses …), allows easy navigation of the bank’s pages and offers and supports customers in opening a ticket support. All with a simple voice request and without changing your user recognition methods.

Public administration

A virtual counter to zero the wait of citizens, able in complete autonomy to make appointments, issue certificates and documents in full safety with the digital authentication system (e.g. in Italy via SPID).


Organize and monitor your medical record, let yourself be guided in identifying the information you need on the hospital or local health authority website, book an appointment with a specialist or do a check-up by talking to the virtual assistant who will put you in touch with the right healthcare provider for you.

Software house

The virtual assistant to be integrated into your software solutions. Thanks to its functions, your applications will be infinitely smarter (they can be controlled by voice). You can also help customers identify the right solution for their needs by integrating algho on your website.


Enhance the quality of customer service with intelligent systems that automatically recognize and communicate with the customer on multiple channels (e.g. Whatsapp, Telephone, mail, messenger) and in multiple languages; they are integrated into your call center and eliminate file management times. Give your customers faster handling of requests.

Postal and logistics services

Answering emails automatically and in 9 languages 24h / 24h, tracking packages and providing the exact location, providing an after-sales service and returns automatically and reading the emotional states of the customer. All can be integrated with your CRM and your call center service without altering your security and flow management procedures.

E-commerce & Retail

Guide to the navigation of your portal and provides pre and post sales assistance as if it were a real employee.


A virtual assistant that identifies and predicts network anomalies or provides assistance to consumers in case of problems. It helps to trace the reports or to send alerts to the customer to foresee a possible service interruption. Provide a service in 9 languages 24h / 24h.


Provide an immersive experience as if the customer had your salesperson to keep him company on the site. A Virtual Assistant capable of touching the Key Selling points to make an attempted sale or provide information on each detail of the car or to provide personalized assistance on each vehicle.

Travel and booking

Discover the characteristics of a place before visiting it by asking for information and details, availability of accommodation facilities or as a “virtual concierge” within your facility. Give information to customers by answering their requests automatically and in 9 languages, reading any signs of tension and adapting the responses.


A virtual assistant who knows how to facilitate the production line by reminding employees of the different operations to be performed, thus improving repetitive operations and reducing the risk of errors. There is also the possibility of analyzing warehouse management and product supply chain, risk and inventory management.


A virtual assistant that interfaces with listeners to propose a vote or a quiz or provide information on news and audio / video products, create customized playlists, request in-depth information on artists and productions by providing abstracts or content requested by the user.


Artificial Human: the evolution of Virtual Assistants

The web changes its features and creates a totally new user experience.   Artificial Humans, who are 3D human-like avatars, are reshaping the User eXperience, favoring a smoother navigation that takes users from page to page with a simple voice and text command.   In this document we report all the features that make Artificial Humans a revolution in interacting with users.
Emotion AI


Emotion AI: the evolution of Artificial Intelligence

Create strong relationships with your customers with an empathetic Virtual Assistant, find out how. Read the free document on Emotion AI