Enhance human interaction with Artificial Humans

Digital Humans establish a deeper connection with customers

By 2035, the Digital Human market will be worth 125 billion dollars and will continue to grow.

- Gartner -

Show the human side of your brand


Bring your brand to life with a personalized Digital Human, with the aspect and the personality of your testimonial


Artificial Humans consider verbal, non-verbal, and paraverbal of communication to provide a suitable response in every context.


Offer support through various communication channels effortlessly. No matter how your customer contact you, Algho is there


A digital human that can be integrated with 380+ software, automating many repetitive tasks.

Artificial Human: the numbers

Artificial Humans adapt responses to users’ mood, smile at their smiles, make sad expressions if they hear a worried or nervous tone of voice.

They revolutionize the user experience

+90% customer satisfaction
+800 emails per hour managed autonomously
+380 software integration
+170k reservations managed autonomously in two months

Gain your customers’ trust and loyalty

The appearance, movements, facial expressions, and the service offered by Artificial Humans make it a memorable experience for your customers, winning their trust.

Conversing with an empathic Digital Human, in any language, and receiving relevant and quick responses will fully meet the needs of your customers.

and much more…

How is a Digital Human born?

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Why Opt for an Artificial Human?

Discover the results achieved by those who have utilized Algho.

+25% increased engagement with Algho AI through interactive kiosks

Omnichannel AI integrated with the company’s management systems enables a new and personalized customer experience.

+45% of total conversations occur on the WhatsApp channel

Multichannel, the Virtual Assistant helps users communicate their meter readings and manage their offers through WhatsApp as well.

Customer care

+10K messages exchanged per month with customers

Kibo is the Virtual Assistant that personalizes the customer experience, also assisting with financing contract management or vehicle maintenance.

Customer care

Request management in 60 seconds

Multilingual and integrated with the website, Trelleborg’s Virtual Assistant supports customers from various parts of the world.