Algho: Conversational AI for business success - Case studies

Discover the updated data and statistics of our Virtual Assistants serving companies and PAs

Public Administration

More than 2K certificates downloaded per month by users with the help of AI.

Public Administration is more efficient with the 1st Digital Human supporting citizens.

+11K citizen assistance messages

The Virtual Assistant Angela helps citizens find useful information and promptly sends communications about social services, local police, mobility, and urban planning.

+80K requests and appointments managed

Emily supports businesses and employees in finding the necessary information for administrative procedures and managing officials’ agendas.

+200% engagement on the portal

AFOL’s Virtual Assistant makes job search and posting ads easier.

The virtual office integrated with the urban planning, environmental protection, health, and public relations offices is capable of providing all citizen assistance services remotely.

in partnership with Exprivia

AI makes access to services simple and immediate through active 24/7 support on both the website and the telephone switchboard.

in partnership with ReadyGoOne

20% reduction in repetitive work for officials

Thanks to Algho, the municipality’s demographic service is fast and accessible to all citizens.

node caso studio

Responds to user requests with 97% accuracy

The human-like Virtual Assistant facilitates access to information and tools that enable perfect digitization of businesses.

in partnership with Readytec

Energy & utilities

+280K calls answered by AI every year

Citizens schedule the collection of bulky waste directly with Artificial Intelligence.

+3 minutes is the average duration of conversations with users

Enia guides customers through the website, providing useful information with a simple voice request.

in partnership with Exprivia

+45% of total conversations occur on the WhatsApp channel

Multichannel, the Virtual Assistant helps users communicate their meter readings and manage their offers through WhatsApp as well.

+50% of users engaged and profiled correctly

Even within interactive kiosks, A2A’s Virtual Assistant schedules appointments and provides information quickly and easily.

+25% increased engagement with Algho AI through interactive kiosks

Omnichannel AI integrated with the company’s management systems enables a new and personalized customer experience.


+90% accuracy in responses provided

Customers find the Virtual Assistant the perfect help to gather all the information before activating new policies.

AI facilitates checking the status of ongoing procedures and helps evaluate the eligibility criteria for a loan through simple questions and answers.

The Virtual Assistant that identifies the best mortgage solution based on each customer’s needs.

Vicky is the Virtual Assistant who revolutionizes the insurance sector by providing always active support for customers

Travel & Hospitality

AI that enhances users’ travel experience by helping them plan a complete and unforgettable visit to Florence.

+4.5K travel requests handled

The AI Travel Agent suggests the most suitable destinations based on your preferences, assists in trip planning, and offers alternatives according to your needs.

+5K calls managed by AI Algho

Masha, the Digital Twin of the thermal baths, helps choose relaxation activities directly from the telephone switchboard, website, and Messenger.


+6K hours of conversation managed per year

Pascale’s patients use the Virtual Assistant to schedule appointments with doctors and receive information more quickly.

in partnership with ReadyGoOne

The Virtual Assistant supporting the healthcare sector simplifies the booking of molecular or antigenic swabs and other healthcare tasks.

in partnership with Exprivia


Guiding the user to the right product

The Virtual Shopper Emma reads the prescription and suggests the right medicine for your pet.

AI that enhances shopping. With a simple voice request, customers can request customizations and product modifications and see them in real-time, in an unprecedented 3D experience.



+2.5k conversations exchanged per month with new and regular customers

AI that supports rentals, improving customer experience and lead qualification.


83% of requests made using voice

Simply by conversing, the Virtual Assistant gathers information and requests and constantly monitors customer satisfaction and needs.

Customer care

Customer care

+10K messages exchanged per month with customers

Kibo is the Virtual Assistant that personalizes the customer experience, also assisting with financing contract management or vehicle maintenance.

Customer care

Request management in 60 seconds

Multilingual and integrated with the website, Trelleborg’s Virtual Assistant supports customers from various parts of the world.

Software house

software house

Automated help desk with an average assistance time of +3 minutes

Minerva provides all information about software features and initiatives.


software house

User training in just 9.30 minutes

A multimodal support that sends information and support materials (images and videos) for using and managing software.