The most efficient conversational AI platform. Algho opens the doors to Customer eXperience 4.0, with an advanced and complete Artificial Intelligence ecosystem.


With ChatGPT technology, Algho enhances user interactions.

Voice Cloning

Your digital company’s spokesperson with your appearance and voice.

Virtual reality

Artificial Humans, immersed in interactive 360 environments, guide users in your store, your city, or a room in your company.

LIS - Italian Sign Language

Inclusive AI: Pioneering real-time understanding and production of Italian Sign Language (LIS) by a digital human

Emotion AI

The first artificial human capable of detecting customers’ emotions and communicating by adapting its tone of voice and response to the user’s mood


Algho AI sets up your customers’ appointments, updating and synchronizing your agenda with total autonomy.


Offer telephone service available 24/7. With the VoIP module, Artificial Intelligence responds to your telephone switchboard, streamlining the work of operators and speeding up responses to your customers.

Mail Assistant

The Mail Assistant reads and replies to emails automatically and can be integrated into any email box, it streamlines the work of your employees.

Live Chat

This system will allow you to organize the work of your Virtual Assistant in coordination with the activities of human operators, with the possibility of creating groups of operators and intervening to solve the most complex problems.


Reach your customers also on WhatsApp to guarantee a service that is always active and accessible. Through voice and text messages, your customers will receive prompt and decisive answers at any time.


An ecosystem of technologies at your fingertips

The builder to choose, create and customize your Virtual Assistant not only in appearance and voice but also by generating and enriching its basic knowledge (knowledge base).


Power your business with data

Monitor and measure conversation flows and optimize your virtual assistant. Make your business decisions based on real data.

Create an Emotional Customer Experience, involve and build customer loyalty with Artificial Humans.

Integrate Algho with your favorite systems

The easy-to-use no-code conversational artificial intelligence platform, which integrates through the API with other software and allows you to have your Virtual Assistant online in a few minutes.