The booking system that optimizes
your job

Reduce the hours spent on the phone, let the Virtual Assistant take the reservations of your customers by automatically updating your agenda. In this way you will improve the experience of your customers and speed up the work of your employees.

Make the booking process simple for your customers.


A user-friendly system

"I would like to book an appointment for tomorrow morning at 10.00". No form to fill out, thanks to Algho you just need to use your voice to book visits, appointments, consultancy and much more. Your customers can independently modify or cancel their reservations at any distance simply by making a request to your Virtual Assistant.


Access an always updated agenda

Are your customers making appointments? Have others changed the time or date of their visit? Algho continuously monitors the progress of customer requests to give you an always updated and accurate agenda. The system is able to manage multiple rooms and multiple operators interconnected with each other, automatically generating the link to book the virtual room.


Receive notifications and updates

The system automatically sends an e-mail to you and the customer every time a reservation is made, modified or canceled. You will also receive an alert before the appointment in order to monitor all your activities.

Why should you choose the booking module?

Our booking module can not only be integrated with Virtual Assistants, so as to allow customers and citizens to have a quick and easy way to make reservations, but also with your booking systems. In this way you will be able to manage your work in the best possible way, reaching the maximum of your productivity.