The Virtual Assistant that embodies
your brand

With the Algho platform, you have the ability to create a Virtual Assistant that reflects all the characteristics and values of your brand: choose your personality, tone of voice, appearance and movements and make it unique in a few clicks.

Your Virtual Assistant in a few simple clicks


Define the personality of your Virtual Assistant

The guided process of creating your Virtual Assistant starts from the definition of the personality. Choose the name, gender, language and tone of voice and start bringing your virtual employee to life. You can also customize it with your logo so as to make it immediately recognizable.


Choose its appearance

Access our Artificial Human catalog (3D avatar) and choose the aspect that best represents your company, select it and also choose the place to insert it so as to make it even more "human". If, on the other hand, you want to give the Artificial Human your same appearance, we will create it for you upon request.


Build its knowledge

Your Virtual Assistant will need to know everything about your business to best represent it. Add to its knowledge base the questions your customers often ask you and the answer you want them to give. In this way you will give your Virtual Assistant all the information necessary to build his knowledge base that he will increase every time he talks with users.

Why should you create an Algho Virtual Assistant?

Because our platform is designed to make the creation of your Virtual Assistant as simple as a game. In just a few steps you can create the Virtual Assistant that best represents your company and, with the help of experienced Conversation designers, create a knowledge base that can satisfy all the requests of your customers. In addition, we remind you that our Virtual Assistants are empathetic and you can choose to create a truly unique experience of its kind!