Give a boost to conversations with your customers.

Your Virtual Assistant, integrated with ChatGPT, will also respond to general questions, encouraging interaction.

I'd like to do a self-reading.


Certainly, dictate the last 3 digits you find on your meter, and I will proceed with the self-reading.

Who invented electricity?


Electricity was discovered by many inventors, including Alessandro Volta, Thomas Edison, and Nikola Tesla.

By 2025, Virtual Assistants integrated with generative AI will support 70% of digital communications and marketing.

- Gartner -

More authentic and uninterrupted conversations.

Complete Conversations

People interact with Virtual Assistants in various ways. Thanks to ChatGPT, even curiosity-driven questions will receive correct responses from the Virtual Assistant, demonstrating its preparedness and ability to engage in natural conversations.

Operational Support

ChatGPT will assist you in creating the knowledge base for your Virtual Assistant, helping you formulate questions and answers extracted from your website’s text, for example, speeding up the development of your Virtual Assistant.

Attivazione GPT 3 su algho
Integrabile direttamente dalla piattaforma Algho, con un semplice flag


ChatGPT automatically generates responses to your users’ queries (if not present in the knowledge base). The response is automatically added to your Virtual Assistant’s knowledge base, and you can modify and personalize it at any time.


With ChatGPT, Algho becomes a powerful tool for “Knowledge Workers.” The Virtual Assistant accesses the company’s internal and external knowledge, allowing you to obtain ideas, summaries, and create detailed analyses with a simple voice or text request.

Better User Assistance

Users can easily access company information present in documents (structured and unstructured) simply by querying the Algho Virtual Assistant.

Why is ChatGPT an essential add-on?

CHAT GPT's generative AI models support conversational AI, making interactions with Virtual Assistants even more "human," eliminating non-responses, and increasing confidence in seeking information and communicating more frequently with the brand.





Alessio is on the Ferrara Municipality website to request the documentation needed for a change of residence.

After requesting information, the Virtual Assistant leads him directly to the page where he can find the necessary documents.

He would like to know more about the city he’s about to move to, so he asks about the city’s most important monuments.

Thanks to the integration with ChatGPT, the Virtual Assistant accurately provides the information, automatically adding the response to the knowledge base.

The Virtual Assistant enriches itself with new information, and Alessio receives all the answers.

Digital human with GPT-3

Knowledge-base (KB)

The Virtual Assistant responds to specific questions, offering personalized service to the user.


It also answers questions not present in the KB, offering the user a seamless and complete experience.

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