The first Artificial Humans who consider how you are.

It's called Emotion AI, the new revolution of Artificial Intelligence of which we (proudly) are pioneers. Our Virtual Assistants are the first to perceive and recognize emotions to give adequate answers to each user.

Artificial Intelligence becomes technology for people with Artificial Humans


Hyper-customized conversations

Artificial Humans recognize the emotions felt by users while they are conversing, analyze facial micro-expressions (Emotion Analysis) and accordingly adapt the tone of voice and the response modality to be provided to the user.


Provide empathic responses

Emotional targeting allows Artificial Humans to recognize the words used by the user and associate them with the emotion felt so that they can respond appropriately to requests.


Make the relationship with your customers solid

Knowing the mood of your users will allow you to anticipate their needs and meet their expectations. Algho’s Artificial Humans create the correct customer emotional experience to encourage purchase, provide suggestions and solve customer problems in a timely manner.

Why choose an Emotional AI?

Emotion AI allows a deep understanding of customers, their needs and requirements and creates, in total autonomy, a personalized strategy to promote an optimal customer eXperience. This way your customers will feel understood and have full confidence in your brand. In questo modo i tuoi clienti si sentiranno compresi e avranno piena fiducia nel tuo brand.