Algho Large Language Models

The powerful combination of Gen AI and Conversational AI, allows you to dominate the market.

By 2025, 80% of customer service and support organizations will be applying generative AI technology in some form to improve agent productivity and customer experience (CX)

- Gartner -


The strength of this solution lies in its control. It enables you to dictate what the AI generates, as your supervised actions restrict its operational scope, permitting only the execution of specific tasks.


Your enterprise's data will be safeguarded through the use of GDPR-compliant technology, along with the option of installing Algho LLMs solutions either on-premises or in the cloud


Eliminate hallucinations and incorrect formulations, fine-tuned models can adopt sector-specific languages and will be able to refer exclusively to a specific context.

Why the fine-tuned LLMs is the right solution?

QuestIT has optimized and specialized Large Language Models, which learn from verified sources. This specialization enables the AI to perform generative tasks more effectively in specific areas, integrating semantic skills that are adaptable across various sectors, including banking, HR, healthcare, and others.

Allow your specialized virtual assistant to provide advanced support:

  • Creates summarization by comprehending and elaborating on specific language details

  • Generates presentations from documents (PDFs, files, MySQL databases, etc.) using simple prompts

  • Extracts information and generates accurate answers from large databases, such as your enterprise’s documentation archives

  • Autonomously, Algho LLMs extract information to generate coherent responses in line with requests, while avoiding inaccurate or irrelevant content.

  • Supports the creation of knowledge bases and Q&A, providing rapid generation of digital human knowledge bases.

  • Generates real-time reports on the performance of company processes

and much more


Algho LLMs: fine-tuned GenAI