The Mail Assistant reads and replies
to your emails

The first Mail Assistant able to read, interpret and take charge of the request contained in the email and generate a response that promptly supports customers for you.

Artificial Intelligence becomes technology for people with Artificial Humans


Fast responses from your business email

You can integrate it with your corporate email or one of the most popular clients (such as Gmail) and respond to emails automatically and instantly, so that the customer service becomes faster and more efficient.


Your reservations are managed by the Mail Assistant

Thanks to the integration with booking systems, your customers will be able to make an appointment by email, on the day and at the preferred time. Your agenda will be automatically updated by the Mail Assistant.


At the service of your customers, for every need.

By connecting the Mail Assistant to your ticketing system (such as Zendesk), you will give your customers the opportunity to make a report via email and open a first level support ticket to which they will receive an immediate response.

Why choose the Mail Assistant?

We waste nearly 30% of our working time answering emails. Thanks to the Mail Assistant, your work and that of your collaborators will become faster and more efficient, with a service that is always available and immediately resolving that satisfies the requests of your customers for you.