The First Artificial Human Who Understands Italian Sign Language (LIS)

The new revolution in Digital Accessibility, for a more accessible and inclusive web.

In Italy, the Deaf community using LIS comprises approximately 40,000 people.

- Ca' Foscari University of Venice -

Why an avatar that understands LIS?

Because it allows deaf users to communicate without barriers with organizations and companies. Thus, the first Artificial Human capable of understanding and producing Italian Sign Language in real-time was born.

Make your services:


Break down barriers and make your services and information accessible to the community, leaving no one behind.


Deaf users can activate their cameras and start signing. The Artificial Human will understand their requests, generating appropriate real-time responses in LIS.


Support the Action Plan of the 2030 Agenda by promoting a digital revolution that enhances service inclusivity and accessibility.

Where to use an avatar that understands LIS?

In your management software

You can integrate the LIS Artificial Human into all types of software (on-premises or in the cloud).

On your website

Deaf individuals can navigate your website pages without obstacles.

In your app

An always-available virtual assistant who recognizes the user and their mode of interaction.

On an interactive kiosk

An interactive physical point where users can make LIS inquiries.

Use Case

Luisa, a 35-year-old deaf individual, encounters difficulties accessing information to open a bank account.

She goes to a branch and notices an interactive kiosk accessible to deaf people.

Luisa approaches the kiosk and starts signing, and the Virtual Assistant* correctly responds to her requests.

Luisa opens her bank account with ease and complete independence.

*The service is available for all sectors, from banks to the Public Administration.

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