Voice Cloning: Greet Customers with YOUR Voice

From your website to the telephone switchboard, an immediately recognizable voice, replicated through voice cloning, will put users at ease, encouraging them to interact, seek information, and make purchases.

Digital Human of the Siena Palio's historic commentator, Franco Masoni, face and voice.

The tone of voice has a measurable impact on how users perceive a brand's personality. This perception significantly influences the likelihood of someone recommending a brand.

- Nielsen Norman Group -


Your CEO, fashion designer, or company spokesperson reflect your brand's authenticity. Make interactions with your customers more natural with a Virtual Assistant that reproduces a familiar appearance and voice.


Whether on the telephone switchboard, website, or via WhatsApp, the digital human will speak to users using a unique and recognizable voice that increases their trust in the brand.


It only takes 15 minutes of audio recording to replicate the voice of your company's spokesperson, and our AI model will be trained in just a few days.


You can integrate voice cloning:
- into your avatar
- into the telephone
- switchboard or
- in WhatsApp voice messages
- in 9 languages
and much more.

Your 360° Digital Identity

Much more than tone of voice, deeper than brand voice, an invaluable identity factor. The voice has the power to empathize directly with users. Engage all the senses with an avatar that reflects your organization's identity and values in appearance and voice.





Why integrate voice cloning into your digital human?

Simply put, to provide a complete and available service on your customers' preferred contact channel. You'll increase trust and acquire new customers thanks to unparalleled service.

They Talk About the First Avatar with Voice Cloning

The digital twin that takes on the appearance and voice of the historic commentator of the Siena Palio, Franco Masoni,

and many others.

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