On the phone
with Artificial Intelligence

Your customers will be able to call your telephone switchboard and get fast and decisive answers at any time of day or night from your Virtual Assistant.

Increase the satisfaction of your customers with fast and decisive answers even by phone VoIP


Eliminate the dissatisfaction of your customers

No more waiting for their questions to be answered. Algho's Virtual Assistant, interacting verbally, takes care of requests and responds in a few seconds.


Enhance Customer Care

By integrating perfectly with the ticketing systems, the CRM / ERP software, your Virtual Assistant will take reservations directly from the phone, without the need for human intervention.


Get useful information

The Auto Form Filling and Information Extraction technologies allow the Virtual Assistant to understand and extract useful information (name, surname and user request), make an appointment and update your agenda in total autonomy.

Why integrate VoIP to your Virtual Assistant?

Simple, to guarantee a complete and available service on the contact channel preferred by your customers. You will increase trust and acquire new customers thanks to an unrivaled service.