Contact your customers on their favorite messaging channel.

Algho integrated with WhatsApp Business allows you to have a direct communication channel with your customers and reach them in the simplest and most familiar way, at any time.

Chat with Artificial Intelligence, integrate Algho with WhatsApp Business!


Build solid connections and trust

Your customers will be able to contact you at any time and receive answers, suggestions, links and documents directly on WhatsApp and thus consolidate their trust in your brand.


Enhance the conversation with users

Imagine making the booking at your facility so simple as to entice users to repeat the experience, helping your customers find the right garment through a chat, supporting them in searching for documents or certificates of interest to them at any time, directly from WhatsApp. With Algho all this is possible.


Increase customer service also on WhatsApp

Your customers can initiate a report or send a self-reading and much more in total autonomy. Your users just need to open WhatsApp and send voice or text messages to perform all these actions.

Why should you integrate WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp is the messaging app with over 2 million users, used both privately and for work. Users all over the world feel comfortable interacting on a channel they are familiar with and will be more encouraged to ask for information and receive support even by sending a voice note.