AI for every sector

Virtual Assistants that enhance Customer Experience, boost efficiency, and improve your services.


The virtual concierge ready to welcome your customers, even through an interactive totem placed in various locations of your establishment. Guests can expedite check-in and check-out without waiting at the reception, book activities autonomously, and receive information about the city, restaurants, and museums. But that’s not all, the Virtual Assistant can help every customer choose the most suitable accommodation through your website, your app, or messaging channels like WhatsApp.


A Virtual Assistant that accompanies your customers on a virtual tour to explore the cars within your showroom. It:

  • Provides detailed information about the vehicles and their features.
  • Highlights key selling points to encourage purchases.
  • Ensures personalized assistance for each vehicle.


A Virtual Assistant for insurance is able to:

  • Speed up routine operations (such as account statement generation and expense calculation).
  • Allow easy navigation of the bank’s pages and offers.
  • Support customers in opening a support ticket.

All of this can be accomplished with a simple voice request, without altering your user recognition methods.

Customer Care

Offer a 4.0 Customer Experience through an always-on Virtual Assistant that is fully integrable with software and company systems. The Virtual Assistant:

  • Provides operational support to customers.
  • Offers a continuous and comprehensive experience.
  • Reduces human workload and assists them in managing first-level requests, even on the telephone switchboard (VoIP) and via email.

E-commerce & Retail

Guide customers through your portal and provide pre- and post-sales assistance with an empathetic and proactive Virtual Assistant. The Virtual Assistant does the following:

  • Gathers information about each customer’s preferences to provide personalized suggestions in line with their needs.
  • Revolutionizes the customer experience, even within your store, with an intelligent interactive totem ready to support your customers.

Energy and utilities

Enhance customer service quality with intelligent systems that automatically recognize and interact with customers:

  • through multiple channels: WhatsApp, phone, email, messenger
  • in multiple languages

These systems integrate with your call center, reducing handling times for inquiries. Provide your customers with faster request management.


A Virtual Assistant for GDO can:

  • automate email responses in 9 languages, 24/7
  • track packages and provide real-time updates on their exact location
  • offer automated post-sales and returns services by reading the customer’s emotional state.


The healthcare sectors take a boost with a Virtual Assistant that:

– supports decision-making

– provides updated patient data and visit information

– schedules appointments, and updates the agenda of the relevant healthcare entity or hospital. 

It speeds up diagnoses and provides a continuously available service for patients, identifying the issue and suggesting the most suitable specialist.

HR - Human Resources

An Artificial Recruiter that:

  • streamlines the screening of resumes and provides robust decision-making support
  • can conduct a pre-selection interview, 
  • autonomously schedules an appointment for the next interview by accessing the recruiter’s calendar.

Public Administration

A virtual helpdesk to eliminate citizen wait times. It can:

– autonomously schedule appointments,

– issue certificates and documents securely through digital authentication via SPID (Italian Public System of Digital Identity).

Software house

The Virtual Assistant, integrated with your software solutions, will assist your clients in their usage, sending documentation or video tutorials to resolve their issues. It will make your applications:easier to use (voice commands can be used) and help users identify the solution that suits their needs, integrating it into your website or messaging channels.

Travel & Hospitality

The virtual concierge is ready to welcome your customers. Guests can:


  • Check in and out quickly without waiting at the reception.
  • Book activities and access information about the city, restaurants, and museums on their own.
  • Choose the most suitable accommodation through Algho AI’s suggestions.