Virtual Assistant interfaces

The era of conversational interfaces

Choose the type of conversation you want to have with your users through a multi-channel platform that provides you with three types of interaction.

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Icona Testo Chat

Text Chat

An always available text chat that you can share in real time not only on your website, but also on the top instant messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram or your app. Make every step of the conversation unique by offering the user updated communications.

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Voice Interface

Optimise the work of your call centre, thanks to an integrated voice service with the leading VoIP solutions available on the market, that makes and answers calls. Enhance your website browsing with the voice assistant forgetting mouse and keyboard: all ALGHO needs is your voice.

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Digital Human Interface

Focus the interaction on language and conversation. Catch your users’ attention with a 3D interface that emulates human behaviour. “Wow” your audience with an interactive and customisable three-dimensional space and let them enjoy a frictionless browsing experience.