Measure and monitor the conversation flows

The era of conversational interfaces

ALGHO asks structured questions, collects valuable information for user profiling and converts it into numbers and metrics.

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Lead Generation

Real-time stats allow you to profile users and their preferences. By accessing users’ details, you can have an overview of people who interacted with the Virtual Assistant and provide them with bespoke offers.

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Measure the conversation capacity and the engagement rate with detailed data and information. Check the dashboards to monitor your Virtual Assistant’s performances, i.e. number of conversations, experience degree and much more.

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Conversation history

All user-ChatBot messages are collected into a dedicated section. Select the timeframe you want to analyse, to examine the quality of your Virtual Assistant’s conversations. Profile specific users by accessing the history of interactions.

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Top Frequent Questions

Identify the most discussed and searched conversation topics to considerably enhance your marketing strategy. This information helps produce targeted communication campaigns, as well as to identify the most popular products and trends.