AI at the service of Public Administration

An intelligent, conversational agent that facilitates dialogue and optimizes performance.

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Real-time automated operations and information, wherever you are.

What is Algho Public Administration?

Algho Public Administration improves the dialogue between public offices and citizens. From the comfort of home or smartphone, users will no longer be subjected to never-ending queues and opening times, but can have an evolved, on-line conversation with a Virtual Assistant that is available 24/7 and can answer millions of questions rapidly.


A conversational agent will support employees in giving answers to users’ questions, prioritize them in order of urgency and give rapid answers, contemporarily satisfying the needs of several users.

Assisted site navigation

Via the automated browser function, the Virtual Assistant can independently navigate the site taking the user to the desired section

Information available 24/7

The Virtual Assistant responds to requests for information on products and services at any time via vocal or text messages, or following the automatic suggestions in a chat.

Personalized interface

The interface of this open, flexible system can be personalized and is realized on the leading User Experience models.

Document retrieval

The Smart Document Access function gives employees access to information concerning rules, norms or procedures by simply asking the Virtual Assistant.

Operator live chat

During a conversation, users can ask for the participation of an operator to resolve complex issues that the Virtual Assistant cannot.

CRM Integration

The platform foresees the integration of software, databases, web sites and management software (CRM, ERP etc.) creating communication between the various systems.

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