Reinforcement Learning, a fastest-growing Intelligence

The era of conversational interfaces

ALGHO learns day-by-day. Its knowledge increases proactively and in three ways

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Conversational Forms

ALGHO deepens its speakers’ profiling, by asking them questions that allow it to fulfil users’ expectations.

Unanswered questions

All questions asked by users for which ALGHO has no answer, they remain saved. Thus allowing the operator to expand the Virtual Assistant knowledge base.

Equivocal questions

If in doubt, it will suggest questions as an alternative path. Depending on the user’s choice, it will learn how to answer overcoming the uncertainty when a similar scenario will present itself again.

Knowledge Base growth

ALGHO’s knowledge base can be enhanced via:

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Smart Document Access

You can integrate the company’s internal documentation into its Knowledge Base.

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A simple and intuitive editor for creating questions and answers and set up conversational flows.

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External Sources

It is possible to retrieve the information from corporate databases or websites and improve responses with relevant details to request.

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Live Chat

A hybrid chat that allows an operator to intervene in the conversation and update the Virtual Assistant knowledge base.