Totem & Robot Algho

Phygital Experience, Where AI Meets Reality

Physical and digital spaces converge with
AI-equipped totems and robots.

By 2030, 90% of people will be supported daily by smart robots

Your Omnichannel Support Extends to Physical Spaces Too


Ideal for stores, corporate halls, information points, reception areas, etc. These totems equipped with Digital Humans provide a digital contact point 24/7, multilingual, reducing waiting times and providing precise answers.

Your appointment is in 15 minutes. Here is the map to the 2nd floor of the hospital at 45 room

Don’t worry Margaret, I’ll lead you to gate 15 for your London flight on time.


Designed for dynamic environments such as airports and large complexes. Robots guide customers in such spaces through an immersive experience capable of responding to all inquiries, displaying directions, and speeding up actions.

The advantages of choosing totems and robots



Provide consistent support, even in-store, guiding your customers through an unparalleled shopping experience with both pre and post-sale assistance.



Your customers can benefit from the efficiency and personalization of online support at physical locations as well.



Through gamification strategies, provide your customers with an immersive shopping experience.



Integrated with all systems and CRMs.



Enhance the inclusivity of your services by enabling dialogue across all Digital Humans through the use of Sign Language.


Customer Loyalty

Get to know your customers, understand their needs, and provide a customer satisfaction service to evaluate your offerings.

Where to use totems and robots

Airports and Train Stations

AI Totem: Crafted as intelligent interaction points, these totems engage travelers, providing essential travel information seamlessly.

Smart Robot: Navigates effortlessly through the complexities of airports and stations, offering guidance to gates and delivering on-the-spot assistance.

Exhibitions and Events

AI Totem: A sophisticated, multimodal front desk that not only showcases event maps but also offers personalized recommendations and schedules.

Smart Robot: Moves with purpose within the event space, enriching visitor experiences with timely and relevant information.

Medical Center

AI Totem: Streamlines processes from rapid check-ins to appointment scheduling and report collection, all integrated into a single efficient unit.

Smart Robot: Acts as a guide through the healthcare facility, helping patients and visitors locate departments and specific rooms quickly.

Public Administration

AI Totem: Strategically placed across multiple city points, these totems provide multimedia information to enhance public service accessibility.

Smart Robot: Facilitates smoother access to information and guides visitors to appropriate offices, improving overall administrative interactions.


AI Totem: Offers an enriching interactive guide that enlightens visitors about the artwork, the history of the museum, and current events.

Smart Robot: Accompanies visitors through museum exhibits, providing insightful explanations and sparking curiosity.

Car Dealerships

AI Totem: Supports potential buyers by navigating through extensive vehicle catalogs, showcasing detailed information, and enabling test drive bookings.

Smart Robot: Greets customers at the entrance, guides them through the selection process, and provides detailed information about each model.

Shopping Centers

AI Totem: Serve as a central information hub for store locations, special deals, and promotions, enhancing the shopping experience.

Smart Robot: Aids in locating desired stores, delivers details on services, and suggests engaging activities to enhance the shopping journey.

Internal company management

AI Totem: Speeds up employees’ and suppliers’ access, monitors and manages warehouse inventories.

Smart Robot: Maps the work environment, detects potential risks, and speeds up the identification of devices to intervene on.


AI totem & smart robot