Communication has never been so simple

The era of conversational interfaces

An in-depth semantic analysis enables Virtual Assistants created with ALGHO to understand inputs in natural language, both written and spoken, as well as autonomously conduct smooth conversations.

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Speech recognition

A speech recognition program allows you to control the computer through your voice. The Speech-To-Text feature of ALGHO converts the voice into text, transcribing your requests in real time. ALGHO is integrated with Google Speech API, Amazon Polly, IBM Speech-To-Text and Microsoft Speech Recognition API.

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Natural Language Processing

What is more immediate than voice to communicate? The proprietary NLP platform allows you to provide dedicated training on specific sectors, or company data, so that the Virtual Assistant can understand and speak the language of your business sector. The Assistant can talk up to 8 different languages. Choose among Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Romanian, Chinese and Russian.

Emotion Analysis

Using Plutchik’ s wheel of emotions as a model, ALGHO’s Artificial Intelligence can identify, during conversations, users’ emotions type among 25 emotional categories classified within our semantic dictionary. This way, ALGHO, not only emulates the human language, but it customises its responses based on the user`s reactions and moods, offering the possibility of building an empathetic bond and making the conversation more effective.

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The right message at the right time

Thanks to the correct interpretation of the conversation, the Virtual Assistant can contextualise the user’s requests. It deduces the conversation’s topic from previous questions, avoiding ambiguity. Moreover, it follows the Customer Journey, detecting users’ position on the website and providing consistent answers based on the page they are currently viewing.