Case studies and projects

Here are some examples of companies and PAs that have enhanced their digitization with Algho. Discover up-to-date data and statistics on the work of our Virtual Assistants.


Job Orientation Training Agency in Monza and Brianza

Concrete help for those looking for the right path for training or job placement. The Virtual Assistant welcomes both citizens and companies on the institutional portal and provides them with personalized support that helps them both to find the path that suits their needs and to start a career by advising them to join national initiatives for job placement. Furthermore, in full autonomy, with a simple voice or text request, it makes appointments with the relevant offices for the citizens.


Municipality of Bari

QuestIT, in partnership with Exprivia, has designed and built the virtual counter integrated with the urban planning, environmental protection, health offices and with the public relations office which, thanks to Artificial Intelligence technologies, is able to supply, remotely, all citizen assistance services. Through the virtual counter, citizens can book appointments with public officials (booking module) in full autonomy.

in partnership with Exprivia


Municipality of Siena

The first humanoid Virtual Assistant (Artificial Human) of the Italian Public Administration, a bridge between citizens and the municipality that simplifies access to forms, procedures and services of the demographic area of the Municipality of Siena. Caterina provides citizens with an always active service and facilitates the ability to download personal documents through digital identification. The Virtual Assistant also takes appointments for citizens (booking module) with the counter thanks to a simple voice or text request.



Available within the reserved area of the site, the Hyperbot Virtual Assistant is able to anticipate, understand and assist the needs of its customers in an evolved way. Integrated with Zendesk, it allows you to open and manage multiple assistance tickets at the same time and to start a Live Chat with operators. Furthermore, thanks to Hype’s Mailbot, customers can receive fast and decisive answers even via email, an indispensable help to streamline the daily workload of human operators.


National Cancer Institute

Pascalino is the Virtual Assistant who helps cancer patients to find all the information they need in the shortest possible time. Pascalino, in fact, leads them directly to the pages where they can find the information they are looking for (browser automation) and also helps them to access information on how, for example, to view and download their medical records.

in partnership wiht readytec

Public Utility

SEI Toscana

With Tosca, Sei Toscana’s Public Utility service has become significantly more efficient. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Tosca answers citizens’ questions via chat and even on the telephone line (VoIP module), helping with waste management and booking (integration with the proprietary booking system) for the collection of bulky waste . Waiting times have been significantly reduced and citizens of the municipalities of the provinces of Arezzo, Grosseto, Livorno and Siena are served in an optimal way.


Centro Vete

The Virtual Assistant helps in the search for drugs and products for pets based on the problems or symptoms they present. By asking questions, the Virtual Assistant speeds up the search for products within e-Commerce, leading the user to the dedicated page (browser automation) giving the possibility to make the purchase.



Within their own reserved area, Trelleborg’s customers can communicate with the Virtual Assistant in different languages such as Italian, English, Spanish (multilingual module) and request assistance 24 hours a day. They can also contact the Virtual Assistant from around the world and from any device. In addition, thanks to the integration with the Live Chat module, the Virtual Assistant gets the user in touch with the operator of their country so as to guarantee, with immediate effect, a complete response and in the reference language.


CNP Vita

Untangling the insurance world is always very complex and customers need constant support and detailed information before activating the policy that suits their needs. Thanks to the Virtual Assistant, customers and potential customers can ask for all the information they want on CNP Vita services and products. The assistant thus provides indispensable help for those approaching the insurance world for the first time. Customers, with the support of the Virtual Assistant, can know all the information before activating a new policy in total safety.


Municipality of Treviso

The Virtual Assistant for the Municipality of Treviso, Angela, is not only an essential support for finding all the information relating to procedures, forms and services at the counter, but is also able to notify citizens of communications on social services, local police, mobility and urban planning.

A virtual official to whom you can ask for information every day, at any time and from any device, which helps citizens book an appointment to make or renew their identity card and speeds up contact with the local police.


Marketing Espresso

Which course is right for me? The answer to this question is provided by Friday! By identifying everyone’s interests, in fact, Friday suggests the most suitable program and course for each user, among those offered by the Espresso Marketing Academy. An important help for those who want to start training in the vast world of Digital Marketing.


Life Brain

The Virtual Assistant simplifies the reservation for molecular or antigenic swabs- The user will no longer have to wait for the online booking procedure hoping to find availability to make the swab, but relies on the Virtual Assistant who will automatically book the swab according to the region selected by the patient, where the Life Brain laboratories are present.

in partnership with Exprivia



The Doctorium Virtual Assistant, Sofia, facilitates the search for the most suitable specialist doctor for the patient’s problem. Through questions and answers, the Virtual Assistant identifies the problem and searches and suggests the appropriate specialist doctor, bringing the patient directly to the information page (browser automation), facilitating and speeding up the possibility of contacting the doctor.


Choosing the most suitable loan is a decision that must be made with awareness. With the new Virtual Assistant, within the site, Telemutuo is finally able to give concrete help to all its customers, with answers to all questions and doubts, and provides suggestions suitable for everyone’s needs. The Telemutuo Virtual Assistant identifies the best loan solution for each customer and proposes it completely independently, ensuring a targeted and personalized service.

Public Utilities


The Virtual Assistant provides 24/7 assistance to all GAIA customers, most of the municipalities in the Province of Lucca, Val di Lima in the Province of Pistoia and the Province of Massa. Thanks to the Virtual Assistant, customers will be able to ask for information on how to pay their bills, how to do the self-report, how to access facilities and activate water services through a simple voice or text request. They will also have a truly high-tech service, also available on WhatsApp through which they can consult the activation status of their contract, payments and service delivery.



Toyota Financial Service’s Kibo Virtual Assistant guarantees personalized support for both the public and the private area. Kibo facilitates the search for information regarding access to the procedures for managing your loan agreement, the maintenance of your vehicle and helps them to quickly access the installment calculation service. Toyota has chosen to make use of a Virtual Assistant inserted within the portal for financial services that is able to provide assistance 24 hours a day, every day.


Destination Florence

Do you want to visit Florence and discover all the most beautiful places, the most characteristic restaurants and the best place to stay? Destination Florence’s Virtual Assistant is available 24/7 in Italian and English (multilingual module) to provide you with all the information you need. It will help you plan your visit to Florence making it perfect and unforgettable.


Municipality of Senigallia

The demographic service of the Municipality of Senigallia includes the registry office, the civil status office, the electoral office and the draft office. For this reason, the requests from citizens are very numerous every day. To lighten the work of officials and speed up response times, the Municipality of Senigallia relied on Algho, introducing a Virtual Assistant on its portal who is able to answer citizens’ questions and do so without being tied to opening hours.


Local health authority of Valle d’Aosta

The Virtual Assistant of the LHA of Valle d’Aosta is a project developed in collaboration with Ready Go One. Present both on the website of the institution and on the telephone switchboard, the Virtual Assistant is a fundamental resource for accessing information and for the successful booking of the vaccine.

The citizens of the region, in fact, receive a phone call from the Virtual Assistant to fix, together, the appointment for the vaccination. The day before the vaccine administration, the Virtual Assistant contacts the citizen to remind the time and place of the reservation.

A system that provides an accessible and simple service to citizens of all ages.

in partnership with readytec


Chamber of Commerce of Reggio Emilia

Emily is the Virtual Assistant who supports companies and employees in finding the information they need for paperwork. Thanks to browser automation, the Virtual Assistant leads users directly to the pages where they can consult statistics or search for market events in the Reggio Emilia area, and allows them to book appointments (booking module) with a simple voice and text request.

Emily is also accessible from the telephone switchboard (VoIP) to answer all citizens’ questions and, if requested by the user, is also able to forward calls to the reference offices.

software house


Minerva, CSPFea’s Virtual Assistant, provides all the information on the features of the software available and on CSPFea’s initiatives. The Virtual Assistant speeds up the search by leading users directly to the desired pages (browser automation). Minerva, through the integrated Live Chat module, offers operators a tool to interact with customers who request it.

software house

ACCA Software

The Virtual Assistant helps Acca software’s customers to make the best use of the proprietary TerMus software, providing suggestions on how to manage and solve problems for the realization of their projects. Active within the software, the Virtual Assistant guides users in all phases to ensure that the design of buildings complies with current regulations on energy saving.



A2A S.p.A. is the Italian life company active in the development of products and services for energy efficiency. The innovative aspect of the company is also reflected in their Customer Care thanks to the introduction of a real virtual consultant. The Assistant provides a unique experience by browsing the Innovation website (dedicated to companies and presenting projects) offering support in viewing their initiatives.

In addition, A2A also makes use of an intelligent Virtual Assistant on an interactive totem (kiosk mode), through which it is possible to make an appointment and receive information quickly and easily.


Eni Basilicata

Thanks to Enia, Eni provides its customers with an always available and efficient service that not only informs citizens about mining activities but also updates them on all the initiatives activated by Eni for the Lucanian area. Enia is the human-looking Virtual Assistant that helps citizens find all information with a simple voice request, showing them the pages of interest automatically (browser automation), thus speeding up the search and fully satisfying everyone’s expectations.

in partnership with Exprivia



The Virtual Assistant, inserted within the ViviBanca portal, helps agents navigate the numerous pages of the site to find information quickly and easily. People, in fact, can ask the Virtual Assistant about the progress of the procedures started, evaluate the underwriting criteria for a loan or look for a client’s document. Thanks to the integration with company systems, the Virtual Assistant provides invaluable help and optimizes the work of agents.