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Personalized interaction, analysis and data management in a single solution.

What is Algho Voice Commerce?

The experience of purchasing includes conversation. Algho Voice Commerce improves client support and optimizes your business in a solution that can be easily integrated to your existing systems providing updated information on sales and products.


An AI ecosystem that rises to the needs of clients and store managers and can be integrated with the leading CMS on the market.

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Personalized dashboards showing sales trends

The Virtual Assistant shows data on sales of services or products according to needs.

Information available 24/7

The Virtual Assistant provides information in both pre- and post- sale phases

Assisted navigation

Browser automation allows personalized searches exploiting brand filters used in E-Commerce.

Opening a support ticket

The system can be integrated with client support platforms and allows tickets to be opened and their progress tracked.

Cart Analysis

When the system is E-Commerce integrated, purchases and discarded carts are analyzed by carrying out a search connected to included products.

Stock Management

Interaction with the Virtual Assistant allows the monitoring of stock, inventory taking and incoming new products.

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